The Autie Academic

Neurodivergent translator, academic, writer and advocate.


I’m a translator, PhD student and writer living in Granada, Spain. I translate from Spanish and Portuguese into English and I specialise in the field of academia. I’m also a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham, currently undertaking research on disrupting dominant discourses of identity in Latin American and Hispanic Caribbean speculative fiction. I engage with Africanfuturism, Afro-Latinx futurism and Cyborg identities as a tool with which to create, reclaim and own space that is both capacious and transformative for new identities and possibilities, amplifying voices that have been historically erased by hegemonic discourse. My research exists at the intersections of Black, Diaspora, Afro-Latinx, Gender and Sexuality studies and engages with Queer, Transgender, Black feminist and Critical Race Theory.

Outside of my profession and research I am an advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace and education and write articles about my experience as an autistic, non-binary individual.


  • Translator (ES/PT – EN)
  • Doctoral researcher (PhD, University of Birmingham, UK)
  • Writer
  • Advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace and education